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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use the SafeDehooker® on treble hooks?

A: Yes. However it is a bit trickier. You need to snap the dehooker directly onto the hook rather than the line. Watch the other hooks when you pull the handle.

Q: What about heavy fish?

A: For heavy fish you can lay them down first then use the dehooker as normal holding tension on the line.

Q: Does the SafeDehooker® float?

A: YES! It comes with an attached float.

Q: Can you use it for fly-fishing?

A: Yes, it will take the fly out of the lip or swallowed. You can even take the fish off while still under the water.

Q: What about lures, jigs, and tube baits?

A: Yes. But like the treble hooks, if you can not follow the line down to the hook you place the SafeDehooker under the lure, jig, tube or live bait and attach to the hook directly. Then just pull on the line and squeeze as normal.

Q: What about circle or wide gap hooks?

A: Yes. We have not found a hook it will not work on. If you do, let us know!